Seasonal Savings

Alfa Romeo: Rebates are great this month, and inventory is finally coming in. Rebates on the Giulia TI along with the Stelvio TI are exceptionally good.

Acura: Acura is currently offering a 3-month early lease exit. The 2020 MDX, is just a great buy for what it is. The incentives are great right now. RDX’s are starting to come in more and more and the incentives are good as well. ILX and TLX are pretty decent.

Audi: THE SEASON OF AUDI SALES EVENT!!! Audi is currently offering a 3-month early lease exit. A3’s, A4’s and A6’s are slowly coming in. seems to be more Q5’s, Q7’s and Q8’s around at the present time. However, the deals are pretty aggressive right now.

BMW: I personally think the X7’s are at their best right now. I’m very impressed with the numbers currently. 3 series, 5 series, X5’s, & X6’s are also pretty good.

Chevrolet: Equinox and Traverse are really great, especially if you are a Costco member. Silverado’s, Tahoe’s and Suburban’s aren’t terrible but not as aggressive due to the lack of inventory.

Dodge & RAM’s: Inventory is slowly coming in but you are still better off factory ordering one, the deal will be more aggressive.

Ford: Inventory is starting to come in little by little but the deals aren’t at their best from what we’re seeing.

Honda: Rebates & Incentives are really good!!! Inventory is starting to come in throughout the whole line up.

Jeep: Still pretty low on inventory but it is getting better for the 2021 models. Incentives are definitely this month then the last few months.

Infiniti: If you currently have an Infiniti, it’s a big perk! Rebates & Incentives are good across the whole line up.

Mercedes: Very, very low inventory for the most part, although there seems to be many GLA and GLB’s. Mercedes is currently offering a 3 month pull ahead on most cars.

Lexus: Currently offering a 4-month early lease exit to get into another Lexus.  Inventory is slowly coming in. Incentives are good on the ES, IS, RX and GX.

Lincoln – Great deals on the Corsair as dealers are loaded with a very large amount of inventory on them. The rest of their line up is still lacking inventory but there slowly coming in.

Mazda: Inventory is finally coming back! Numbers are great!!!

Nissan: shortage on vehicles., but if we find you one the deals are good.

Range Rover: Inventory is still pretty low and these guys are really trying to take advantage of the situation. Please call me before you lease or buy one of these, I will save you money!!!

Subaru: Both inventory and lease prices are very good.

Toyota: Deals aren’t great. Inventory is slowly starting to come in.

Volvo: If you’re a Costco member TAKE ADVANTGE OF IT!!!. 2021’S are coming in and the deals are good.

VW: Incentives are good, and their cars are a great value.

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