End of Quarter Specials

Alfa Romeo: Mostly only 2021’s are available at this point for the Giulia and Stelvio. However they seem a little better this month then last as far as the programs. As far as the 2020’s, if you’re lucky enough to fine one the programs are great.

Acura: 2020 MDX is so cheap currently due to the new 2022 MDX hitting the showrooms. The 2022 MDX is a complete redesign in and out, and a good amount higher in price then the 20’s. I will still save you a lot of money though. The rest of the lineup is pretty aggressive, price wise.

Audi: Audi needs to hit a certain quota by the end of March. They will do WHATEVER it takes to get there. Deals are EXCELLENT! There sitting pretty good as far as inventory unless you want a super high-end model.

BMW: Deals are still very aggressive across the whole line up. Definitely more aggressive then Mercedes Benz. The beauty of BMW is that their whole SUV line up is made here in the states, which then allows you to spec the car out exactly how you like it and have it within a couple of weeks.

Chevrolet: Tahoe’s, Suburban’s, and Silverado’s are very difficult to get, even on a factory order. Dealers are really taking advantage of people on these cars. I will certainly be able to help you though. Equinox, Traverse, Blazer and Trail Blazer have much better programs at the current time.

Cadillac: Introduction of the new Escalade was a success!!! STILL NONE AROUND!!! I have customers calling me being quoted $10k over sticker!!!!! Pricing on this model is terrible right now but we will still save you money. XT4, XT5, & XT6 are pretty good, and the inventory is definitely there.

Chrysler: Pacifica is a great minivan but the deals aren’t that great!

Dodge & RAM’s: I’m seeing more and more inventory on the Durango’s coming in, and the rebates are pretty good as well. As far as the RAM’s if you have the time factory order one through me and you will be pleasantly surprised with the pricing.

Ford: Inventory is starting to come in little by little but the deals are just ok. Expeditions are a decent amount less than their competition. F-150’s are actually leasing out really well.

Honda: Similar to last month. Pilots are pretty good, Civics and Accords are pretty aggressive.

Jeep: For those of you who have your heart set on a Wrangler – FACTORY ORDER IT. You will be happy with the numbers. Grand Cherokee’s, Cherokee’s along with their other models really have stepped it up with the rebates again this month.

Infiniti: They offer such a good loyalty program for those of you who currently lease an Infiniti. Inventory is decent but not great. Q50’s and QX60’s are very aggressive this month.

Mercedes: I just don’t think the deals are good right now. Although if you happen to love Mercedes Benz and this is the only car for you, I will still save you a large amount of money.

Lexus: Dollar for Dollar out of all the luxury brands, their deals are the best! RX and GX are great SUV’s at a really good price when compared to the competition. I feel the same way about the sedans as well.

Lincoln: Great deals on the Corsair as dealers are loaded with a very large amount of inventory on them. Navigator and Aviator, are just ok!

Mazda: Numbers are great!!!

Nissan: Very aggressive this month.

Range Rover: I just can’t believe how bad the deals are at the current time. Again, if you have to have one I will save you thousands.

Subaru: Awesome financing along with very fair lease rates.

Toyota: 2021 Highlanders have come down a good amount. The rest of the lineup is allowing Toyota to really take advantage of an unknowledgeable consumer.

Volvo: XC40, XC60 and the XC90 all have great incentives along with a really good amount of inventory. I put them up there with Lexus as far as being a great luxury brand vehicle at a great price. .

VW: Deals are great on the whole lineup. VERY AGGRESSIVE!

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