Car Leasing / Buying December 2020

Alfa Romeo: Rebates are great this month, the Giulia has up to $5,750 in total rebates, and the Stelvio has up to $7,000 in rebates if you qualify for all of the rebates. Also remember on top of these rebates, I will also get you a large discount off of the sticker price as well.

Acura: Acura is currently offering a 3-month early lease exit. The 2020 MDX is offering up to $6,700 for qualified buyers which makes the deal very aggressive. The 2021 RDX incentives aren’t great but it’s still leasing ok. ILX and TLX are always pretty strong as well.

Audi: THE SEASON OF AUDI SALES EVENT!!! Audi is currently offering a 3-month early lease exit on most cars. Q3, Q5, and Q7’s have PLENTY of inventory. A3, A4, and Q8’s are trickling in day by day. Audi is offering great incentives this month as well.

BMW: X7’s are still awesome deals for the amount of car you are getting especially when you compare it to its competition. X3 and X5’s are decent as well. The good thing about BMW’s SUV line up is that you can order one to your specific liking and have it in a very reasonable amount of time. 3 series and 5 series are excellent right now when compared to Mercedes Benz.


Dodge & RAM’s: EMPLOYEE PRICING!!! Inventory is not great though.

Ford: Inventory is starting to come in little by little but the deals aren’t at their best from what we’re seeing.

Honda: Strong deals for December.

Jeep: EMPLOYEE PRICING!!! Inventory is ok but not great.

Infiniti: If you currently have an Infiniti, it’s a big perk! Rebates & Incentives are good across the whole line up.

Mercedes Benz: Still low inventory. They are currently offering between a 3-5 month pull ahead depending upon which vehicle you are looking to get into. C, E, GLC and GLE have seemed to have gotten slightly better this month.

Lexus: Currently offering a 4-month early lease exit to get into another Lexus. Inventory is slowly coming in. Incentives are good on the ES, IS, RX and GX. DEALS ARE STRONG!

Lincoln: Great deals on the Corsair as dealers are loaded with a very large amount of inventory on them. AWESOME rebates on the 2020 Navigator.

Mazda: Inventory is finally coming back! Numbers are great!!!

Nissan: Vehicles are coming in, deals are INSANE.

Range Rover: Please call me before you lease or buy one of these, I will save you money!!!

Subaru: Inventory is ok and prices are fair.

Toyota: Highlanders have come down a good amount. Rav-4 and Camry are ok as well.

Volvo: If you’re a Costco member TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!!. 2021’S are here and the deals are good.

VW: Incentives are good, and their cars are a great value. Atlas and Tiguan’s are aggressive! Not much inventory out there, so hurry if you want one.

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