Discounts Are Coming!

Alfa Romeo – Definitely a good amount of cars out there and should be a lot more coming in
this month. Incentives are pretty good along with me getting thousands off of MSRP on the
majority of their lineup.

Acura – MDX has a good amount of A Spec’s and Tech packages available, but the RDX it still
pretty weak. The ILX and the TLX aren’t great either.

Audi – As far as the SUV lineup, inventory is actually pretty good and I’m able to get a couple
thousand off of MSRP as well. However, with the interest rates being where there at, the leases
are not that aggressive. Their sedan lineup with the exception of the A4 seems to be lacking

BMW – if you want an X3, X5, or X7 FACTORY ORDER it!!!!! Don’t settle on colors and options
that you don’t want or need. Build the car exactly how you want it and you could see it within
4-5 weeks. X4’s seem to be a little more difficult to get right now but we can still order one. As
far as the sedans they’re actually a little difficult to get right now as well. Again, I will still get
you THOUSANDS off of MSRP right now on BMW’s.

Chevy – Low inventory all around. I will find you one but I also recommend factory ordering this
brand as well.

Cadillac – Inventory is also very low with this brand as well. You should definitely consider
factory ordering one as well.

Chrysler – Pacifica seems to be the main unit that everyone asks me about. I will also get
thousands off of one.

Dodge – Supposedly 2023 is the last year they are building Challengers, so place you order
NOW!!!!! Inventory not so great on the Durango, but for the best deal lets place an order on

Ford – Dealers have a large amount of inventory on the Explorer’s, which is great!!!

GMC – Acadia’s & Terrains’s I will definitely get you a good amount below MSRP and if your
flexible on color I can locate you on. As far as the Yukon’s the best move is to factory order one.

Honda – I recommend staying away right now, I really can’t believe how expensive they are
Inventory is terrible. I spoke to a dealer a week ago and they had 3 new cars on their lot.

Hyundai – Not the best deals I’ve seen, but I will still save you money.

Infiniti – Not impressed with the numbers or inventory right now at all.

Jeep – Definitely suggest a factory order!!! However, if you want something in stock I will get a
good amount off on many different models they carry.

Kia – Not the best deals I’ve seen, but I will still save you money.

Jaguar – Not the best time for them, dealers just don’t have any cars.

Lexus – Things were getting better on the RX and the GX but inventory got worse again. I will
definitely save you a good amount of money on this brand though.

Land Rover – FACTORY ORDER!!!!! If you see anything on the lot, they are charging a huge
premium over MSRP on the Range Rover Sport and the Full Size Range Rover. However, on
some of the smaller models I can help with in stock inventory.

Lincoln – Very low inventory with the exception of the Corsair.

Mazda – Their will be a large amount of inventory coming in any day for most dealers. I would
assume the deals on the majority of their lineup will be pretty good.

Mercedes Benz – Another brand I really can’t understand why the pricing is so bad on their
higher end models. It’s actually not too bad on the lower end side.

Nissan – Very similar to Honda in regards to pricing and inventory. Not great!

Porsche – Their SUV’s have been steadily coming in. As far as the 911 – No signs of them!

RAM – Definitely recommend factory ordering one as the price will be SO MUCH better!

Subaru – Actually I’m more impressed with this brands inventory and pricing then most.

Toyota – Inventory is not great with the exception of the Highlander. I will most likely find you
something exactly or close to what you like.

Volvo – 2023’s are showing up any day. I’m able to get a very good discount on this brand as well. if you have a Costco membership, you are entitled to an additional $1,250.

Volkswagen – 2023’s are showing up any day. I’m able to get a very discount on this brand as

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