Educated Car Buyer, Inc. is a car-buying consulting company that will get you the most competitive prices on all types of new cars – leased or bought.

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Be confident knowing that you have the knowledge and power.

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We will get you the lowest price and take care of  the entire process from A to Z.


We Take the Stress Out of Car-Buying

Through our expertise in the auto industry, we take the stress out of car-buying along with saving you hours of your time and thousands of dollars.  Here at Educated Car Buyer, we work independently from any and all car dealerships and do not receive any compensation from any dealers, so you know your best interest is our priority.

Over the years, we have seen the frustration of consumers feeling out-negotiated by dealerships, paying more money than they needed to because they did not have insights into the “right” price.   We realized that there was a tremendous need for today’s buyer to have their own expert negotiator.

Educated Car Buyer, Inc. is a must have for the best deal!

When you buy or lease a new car on your own, the odds are against you.  Reason being, we negotiate numerous times a day, while the average person only buys a car once every 3 or 4 years.

Satisfied Customers

Educated Car Buyer, Inc. has always felt an immense loyalty to our customers and a strong desire to help them. We accomplish this task by contributing our extensive knowledge of the auto industry as an advocate for all car buyers.

  • Thanks for the new car Andrew!!! This was such a hassle free experience for me and all my friends and family you’ve helped, You have a customer for life!! I always recommend you to everyone I know looking to buy or lease a new car!

    Joe D.

A Message From Our President

Andrew Marsico

Hello, my name is Andrew Marsico.  I promise to get you the best price for your new vehicle, no matter what type of auto you are looking for.  Not only that, I will walk you through and educate you on the entire process to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.  

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