Is Educated Car Buyer, Inc. a broker?

No! Car brokers gets paid directly by the dealership. Where is the broker’s loyalty? To the dealer or to the client? To the dealer that pays them. We only get paid by you, the customer – which is why our loyalty lies with you.

Will The Educated Quote Help With Any Kind Of Car?

YES! It doesn’t matter if you are buying or leasing a Ford Focus or a Porsche 911. There are savings on every car.

How do I know that Educated Car Buyer, Inc. will get me a better deal than I can get myself?

Negotiating car deals is our expertise and we are very good at what we do. The average consumer gets a new car every 3 years, we do this numerous times a day. A dealerships expertise is making you feel that you got the best deal, even when you’re not.

Should I use my friend at the dealership or Educated Car Buyer, Inc.?

You can obtain a decent price when working with a friend or John Doe’s cousin at a dealership, but you are certainly not getting the BEST price.

What do I have to lose by hiring Educated Car Buyer, Inc.?

Nothing. If you’ve negotiated a price and we can’t beat it by at least our fee on our educated quote service or full service, you don’t pay anything. In this case, you walk away knowing that you got the best deal.

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