Who Has What?

Alfa Romeo – inventory is descent but could be better. I am able to get a good amount off of
MSRP on all Alfa’s though.

Acura – Inventory is pretty light throughout all models.

Audi – As far as their SUV models there is some inventory out there. I am able to come off of
MSRP a good amount on most models.

BMW – I consider them to be holding up the best throughout this crazy situation that we are in.
I suggest factory ordering the exact spec you want and you will be pleasantly surprised as to
how quickly it comes in. I will get a very good amount of money off on BMW’s as well.

Chevrolet – Inventory situation is terrible, I suggest factory ordering but be prepared to wait.

Cadillac – Inventory is also not good. On an order I WILL GET ESCALADES AT MSRP!!! Certain
dealers are getting up to $30K over MSRP!!!

Chrysler – Huge rebates if you currently have a Chrysler, Jeep, RAM or Dodge product.
Inventory is terrible though. We would most likely have to order one which generally takes 3

Dodge – Pretty good deals on the Durango R/T right now. The lower trim levels actually are not
leasing as good. Very strange.

Ford – Descent amount of inventory on Explorers. The rest of the lineup is not great. If your
thinking of a Bronco, the way to do it is to factory order it and avoid paying a good amount over

GMC – I am having much better luck with GMC, rather then Chevrolet. I certainly suggest
factory ordering one.

Honda – Low inventory. Dealers are still price gauging.

Hyundai – I will get them at MSRP, if we’re lucky enough to find one.

Infiniti – Not really going to promote them right now. I can’t believe how expensive they have
gotten. I’m still willing to help you with them though.

Jeep – Great bang for the buck 2 years ago, last year, and NOW!!! I suggest ordering one
though, because most dealers are still trying to get well over MSRP on anything sitting on their

Kia – Same situation as Hyundai with the exception of the Telluride. I will get them at MSRP, if
we’re lucky enough to find one.

Jaguar – Deals are outrageous and inventory is terrible.

Lexus – Inventory is very light across the board. However, I’m usually able to secure a car

Land Rover – Not much inventory out there but I can certainly factory order what you want.
Dealers are still price gauging like crazy with the new full-size Range Rover and the new Sport. I
will get them both at MSRP.

Lincoln – Inventory is very light and the Navigator deals are really bad!!!

Mazda – I don’t really think most models will be in the showrooms until mid-October. It could
be sooner but that’s what I’m banking on. Compared to other competing brands I still think
Mazda is offering better deals.

Nissan – Deals are outrageous and inventory is terrible.

Porsche – I can’t believe that there is literally a 1.5 – 2 year wait on most 911 models. However,
there are some units around of the Macan’s and Cayenne’s.

RAM – Definitely a car you want to factory order with us, and the deals are fair!!!

Subaru – Descent inventory around, but if your picky on color and options lets place an order.

Toyota – Descent inventory around, but if your picky on color and options lets place an order.
Most Toyota dealers are price gauging as well but I will get most models at MSRP.

Volvo – Inventory is ok, but we can definitely order what you want. As far as the numbers I’m
not overly impressed.

Volkswagen – Inventory seems to be picking up for the most part. Jetta’s are a little rough at
the current time.

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