What’s In Stock For July?

Alfa Romeo: Still a very good amount of cars available and the deals are pretty aggressive as well.

Acura: The RDX & the MDX have a good amount of Technology packages around but pretty light on the other trims. As far as the sedans there pretty light on inventory.

Audi: Pretty limited inventory right now but if you’re not too picky we can still get you a fair deal.

BMW: X1’s, X3’s X5’s & X7’s are very limited right now. There out there but too many. The sedans are pretty limited as well.

Chevrolet: Very light on Silverado’s, and pretty light on the whole lineup.

Dodge & RAM’s: Better off factory ordering one.

Ford: Not much out there but there starting to come in.

Honda: Very light across the board on inventory.

Jeep: Terrible, not much of anything. Should start coming in at the end of the month.

Mercedes: Very, very low inventory across the board.

Lexus: IS, GX, RX very low inventory.  If your flexible on color we will find you one.

Lincoln – Low inventory but the deals on the Navigator are not bad at all.

Mazda: Currently, not much around but should be coming in by the end of the month into early August.

Nissan: Extreme shortage on vehicles.

Range Rover: There around if your flexible on color, but the deals are really not that aggressive right now. 

Subaru: Shouldn’t be a problem finding you a car and the deals are pretty good as well..

Toyota: Again, the deals are ok, but the issue is that there is low inventory out there and dealers are trying to hold as much gross on their vehicles as possible. 

Volvo: Always god deals on these cars and more inventory will be coming in within a few weeks!!!

VW: Tiguan & Atlas are decent deals currently. They are offering a good amount of rebates.

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