It’s the end of the 2nd Quarter already!!

Alfa Romeo: Giulia & Stelvio are excellent this month. Very good if you own or lease an Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Acura or Infiniti. Up to $6,000 in rebates if you qualify.

Acura: Acura is currently still offering a 3 month pull ahead program. Large amounts dealer cash this month on the whole line up MDX are really aggressive this month and the RDX actually got better. ILX & TLX are good as well. The RDX has $3,125 dealer cash plus an additional $3,000 if you currently have an Acura. The MDX has up to $6,450 in dealer cash as well.

Audi: Currently Audi is offering an early lease exit if you stick with Audi. A3’s, A4’s, A6’s, Q3’s, Q5’s & Q7’s are all offering great incentives for June. If you currently drive an Audi it’s an even larger discount as most of their models are offering loyalty.

BMW: BMW has aggressive specials this month. 3 series up to $2,750, 5 series up to $3,750, X3 & X4 up to $3,500, X5 up to $2,500 and X7 up to $2,500 as well in rebates. Keep in mind these are just the rebates there is a large discount in price behind this as well. Please contact me to find out.

Chevrolet: Same as last month!!! Financing is unbelievable on these cars right now on the whole line up, as many models are offering 0%. It is like free money. As far as leasing the Equinox, Tahoe and the Suburban are looking pretty good.

Dodge & RAM’s: Same as last month!!! Also has great rates on financing as low as 0%!!! Durango and the RAM 1500 are offering high incentives as well for a lease.

Ford: Great leases currently on the Explorer and the F-150. As far as the financing goes they are also offering 0%.

Honda: Pilots are ridiculously low right now especially if you have a Honda in the household right now. I have seen CRV’s better but there not bad either. Accord and Civic are good.

Jeep: Wranglers still going strong with the rebates. Grand Cherokees and Cherokees are aggressive as well.

Mercedes: Mercedes Benz is currently offering a 3-5 month pull ahead depending upon which model you currently have. They are also offering a first month payment waiver. C, E, and GLC classes are all offering a good amount of rebates. GLE & GLS have definitely come down in price as well. Anybody looking for a Benz sports car the GT 2-Door has a $7,500 rebate.

Lexus: Lexus is currently offering a pull ahead if you currently drive a Lexus. Very aggressive this month as usual on the IS, ES, RX, GX, NX & UXmodels.

Lincoln – Aviators and Navigators have come down a good amount on a lease. Lincoln is also offering very low financing rates on their models. Although inventory is getting low.

Mazda: Dealers are very aggressive currently but inventory is getting low as well. CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9 are offering really aggressive deals right now.

Nissan: An abundance of dealer cash if you’re lucky enough to get a 2019 model. The 2020’s have decent offers as well.

Range Rover: Inventory is getting low and the deals are not great. Please check with me regardless as I will still save you a large amount of money.

Subaru: Same as usual, deals are pretty good across the board.

Toyota: Again, the deals are ok but the issue is that there is low inventory out there and dealers are trying to hold as much gross on their vehicles as possible..

Volvo: They are giving an additional $1,250 on most vehicles for Costco members along with the regular incentives for the month. XC60 & XC90 are great as usual. Also, any first responders, medical, or current Volvo owners receive a very large rebate. Makes it impossible to pass up!!!

VW: Tiguan & Atlas are decent deals currently. They are offering a good amount of rebates.

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