Car Buying Leasing Service

Did you know that there is a hidden car buying/leasing service that can save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS on your next car? 

Many people are unaware that car consultants exist. What is a car consultant? Car consultants are essentially car buying experts that negotiate the best auto deal on your behalf, for a minimal charge.  On average, our car buying negotiators save customers $4000 from their lowest negotiated price.

Who should use a car buying/leasing Consultant?

  • Looking to get your next car at the lowest possible price?
  • Frustrated with the haggling, negotiating process of getting a new car?
  • Don’t have the time or patience to go from dealer to dealer to get the best price?
  • Unsure of what rebates, incentives, employee discounts, brand loyalty and other offers you might be entitled to that car dealers do not disclose to the public?
  • Need someone to deal with your ENTIRE car (buying or leasing) process: from negotiating the best price, completing ALL your DMV, insurance, registration and overall paperwork from  A to Z?

Car Buying-Leasing Service


We Will Do All of This for You! 

Why hire Educated Car Buyer?

Our car buying experts at Educated Car Buyer, Inc. do this several times a day, EVERY DAY, while the average customer goes through the negotiation process maybe once every few years.  Our car buying negotiators have the knowledge and experience that will save you money. It is 100% risk-free, you have NOTHING to lose, as both of our services are GUARANTEED to save YOU money or you get your money back.  Call one of our car buying experts to discuss your next steps to savings at 1-866-828-9143.     ** Please visit our website for details on the services we offer. **


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