Best BMW Lease Deals

Leasing  a new BMW?

Are you sure that you are getting the best deal on your BMW lease?  We guarantee to get you the most competitive pricing on your new BMW lease. We guarantee this on any BMW model currently on the market.

The first step is to negotiate the lowest price on your BMW.  Even though it’s a lease, you still need to get the absolute lowest selling price on your vehicle.  This is just the beginning. Next, you want to be aware of the interest rate and money factor markup. Simply put, this can be a “lower” selling price just built into a higher rate.

For example, Dealer 1: a BMW X3 whose “selling” price is $49,995, with a $2,000 down-payment gets you a monthly payment of $425.  Dealer 2:  the same BMW X3, selling price is $47,995, along with the same $2,000 down-payment gets you $455/mo based on the “hidden” money factor and interest rate.   This $30 difference will cost you over $1,000 over the life of your lease.  How does this happen? Well, Dealer 2 is trying to sell you on a “lower” price, so you think you are getting a better deal on your BMW lease, but in reality – they are simply adding that discount back, & MORE, into their rate. They win. You lose. 

Know the true invoice on your new BMW lease, the true holdback, and what the dealer really paid for your BMW to have the advantage. Whether you lease or buy your new BMW, there are many different incentives and rebates available which the dealer will not disclose to the average consumer.

Best BMW Lease or Buy Deals

We do many BMW leases, so we are very experienced in what we do. The most popular BMW models that we do are the 330i XDrive, M340 XDrive, M3, M4, 530 XDrive, 540Xdrive, M550 XDrive, M5,  X3, X5, X6, and X7.  For anybody looking to lease a new BMW, rebates and incentives are very aggressive, so now is the time to get the BMW you always wanted.

Leasing any of the above BMW models is a great way to experience the way a BMW really drives, as it is the Ultimate Driving Machine. Call or email us at Educated Car Buyer to guarantee you the lowest price on your new BMW lease, or your money-back!

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